Entrepreneur Resource Articles

The Entrepreneur Healthy Eating Kit

    I remember those days at the start of launching my biz, when I couldn’t find the time to fit in three meals, and I often sat in front of the computer munching away on my lunch or dinner. Read more »

    Setting Up a Financial Plan

      Every year at thanksgiving there are certain things you can count on that I am going to do. Of course I am going to eat Turkey, and most likely too much of it. I am also most likely going to be found doing this at my… Read more »

      Defining Your Core Values

        In order to establish a successful brand, it’s important that you start by defining your core values. Your core values are created by taking an honest look at your product or service, customer experience and breaking down the defining… Read more »

        How to Lay Out the Financial Plan

          I don’t expect everyone to become an expert at accounting. That’s why you have people like me, but if you are going to run a business, then your primary objective is to make a profit. Read more »

          Importance of Implementing a Business Plan

            Once business owners have established a process for planning is in place, they must follow through with the plan. A plan in itself is not beneficial unless it is implemented by the company. Read more »

            Putting Money Away

              I’ve read a few books by Jack Canfield and Marc Victor Hansen. These guys have written a number of books and know a thing or two not just about how to make money, but about how to accumulate wealth. Read more »

              Creating the Future of Your Business

                This time of the year is when many people create resolutions and plan their lives for the next year. For business owners, their focus is on developing new products, assessing their business plan… Read more »

                SoftPower vs HardPower

                  Leadership has been a strength quality that people have longed for, worked for and fought over for centuries. It is what we have confidently coined as the quality to have for any person in order to effectively… Read more »

                  Saving Money is Making it Twice – Part 1

                    There are a few schools of thought that I have come across on this. Some say that you can project your thoughts out into The Universe and that if you attach emotion and REAL faith… Read more »

                    Visionary Leaders

                      As the CEO, entrepreneur, and leader of your company, your vision is the driving force of all of your business activities to propel your business into the future. The company’s mission and objectives… Read more »