StartupCorner was founded with the mission of creating an inspirational, informative and educational online resource for entrepreneurs worldwide through quality content, community and common ground, with a focus on purpose-driven entrepreneurism.

    • CONTENT: StartupCorner will provide inspiration, information and education to entrepreneurs worldwide through a variety of resources. We are currently seeking industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers and writers to join our community of experts.
    • COMMUNITY: As StartupCorner grows, we will be creating a lively online community which will connect entrepreneurs worldwide. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and connect with individuals that are just starting out as well as those that are running successful endeavors of all sizes.
    • COMMON GROUND: The heart of the StartupCorner site revolves around our weekly featured interviews called StartupStories™. It is through these interviews that we create common ground from which the aspiring, struggling or almost-there entrepreneur can draw inspiration.

    What to Expect from

    Among quality resources such as articles, columns and products, StartupCorner will also provide entrepreneurs with a unique look into the story of successful startups worldwide. Our unique approach to interviewing is what will set StartupCorner apart from our competitors while helping to create common ground from which the aspiring, struggling or almost-there entrepreneur can draw inspiration.

    Having a strategic five-phase plan in place, StartupCorner expects to experience phenomenal growth in our first year online. With this in mind, we are currently seeking to secure site contributors and partners.

    What’s even more exciting than the growth we expect to see in our first year are the plans for our second and third years in business. What we will be offering entrepreneurs is something yet to be seen in our market. Now is the best time to get on board with StartupCorner as a site contributor or partner. We are looking to form lasting relationships with individuals and companies who fit within our values and those who are looking to serve entrepreneurs around the world.

    About the StartupCorner Founder

    My name is Stephenie Zamora and I’m a graphic/web designer, branding specialist, marketing consultant, artist, writer and entrepreneur currently living and working in Kapolei, HI on the island of Oahu. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the Art Institute of Colorado and have over 8 years experience in the field of branding and design through working with various design firms, agencies and contract clients.

    Visit me online at my personal site!

    StartupCorner was born when I was fresh out of college and in search of books on how to start a business while working full time. I found plenty of guides on setting up business structures and a handful of entrepreneur success stories, but I never felt like anyone was very honest and open and what it really took to start their business. Many years later, the original spark has grown into the site that you see today! Right now the site offers a look into the experiences of successful entrepreneurs from around the world, and from many different industries. I’m also excited to bring you some very inspirational and educational articles geared towards supporting your success and growth!

    In the coming months and year, there will be many new features added to the site, so please be sure to add StartupCorner to your bookmarks and check back often! If you’re interested in becoming a part of the StartupCorner community, subscribe to our mailing list today! Additionally, you will also find information on how to become a site contributor or site partner as well as the opportunity to have your story featured on the site.